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Infected ingrown toenail

Ingrowing Toenails FAQ

Q.What causes an ingrowing toenail?

  • Trauma to the nail, through playing sport or injuring the toe
  • Incorrect cutting i.e cutting the nail too short or cutting down the side
  • Unsuitable footwear
  • Predisposition to the problem through genetics, disease, etc.

Feetsavers Biomechanics
Epsom salts, available at any pharmacy

Q. How do I treat an ingrowing toenail?
A. Make an appointment as soon as possible with your feetsavers podiatrist, especially if the toe is red, inflamed and sore which indicates probable infection.

Q. Will I need nail surgery?
A. Most of the time there is no need to have surgery if one of our team treats the problem nail in time.

Q.What can I do to treat any infection until I get to the professionals?
A. Soak the sore foot in Epsom salts and warm water every day until your appointment at feetsavers. This will reduce pain, control infection and minimise the need for antibiotics. Please ask in-store for an information leaflet.

Q. What happens if I need nail surgery?
A. Depending on the severity of the infection, and ONLY if needed, it may be necessary for nail surgery to be performed. Your foot physician will discuss the details with you.

See also our page on Nail Surgery for more information.

It is best to consult with your feetsavers podiatrist regarding your symptoms and receive a correct diagnosis and expert advice on the treatment options for ingrowing toenail problems.